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Sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy

Q2 Jacket


In 2013, my dear friends came together to raise the $5,000 needed to sponsor a Guide Dogs of America (GDA) puppy for the full 18 months  of puppy raising.  This act of love followed the very unexpected loss of my Golden Retriever, “Quiz,” whose registered name with the American Kennel Club was “Tanbark’s Number Two Pencil.”  Our sponsored GDA puppy is a beautiful, Black Lab.  We opted to name her “Quiz” in my Quiz’ honor, though we jokingly refer to her as “Q2.”  “Q2″ recently grew large enough to earn her first “official” puppy-in-training jacket, shown above.  What an honor to have her representing the original “Quiz” on her adventures about town.  We look forward to the day she goes in for formal guide school, and even better, when she goes on to graduate as a working guide for a visually impaired partner!  Go, Q2, go!

To learn more about volunteer puppy raising with Guide Dogs of America, click here.


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