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This morning I had the pleasure of logging into my Facebook account to discover that an article I’d written more than a year ago has been re-shared by the publication and is being passed around the social networking site by interested readers.

It’s the first time I’ve had that experience.  It’s pretty cool!

You’ll find the article here.  It’s about how training a dog can be frustrating, and it offers some tips on ways to manage that frustration that don’t involve taking it out on the dog by way of leash corrections or angry verbal reprimands.  The good news is, if you ever find yourself getting frustrated, you’re completely normal!

Happy training!


Swim Safety Article Nominated!

I just found out that my Whole Dog Journal summer feature on safe swimming for dogs was nominated  for a DWAA award in the “training and behavior” category!  It’s my second time submitting an article, and my second nomination, so I’m super excited.

Awards are in New York in February.

If you have a water-loving canine companion, be sure to check out the article, available in its entirety, here.  Thanks to the folks at Whole Dog Journal for helping me raise awareness of some little-known safety issues, and for making the full article available to the general public.

Coming Soon in Whole Dog Journal

Think you want to be a dog trainer?  I tackle the ins and outs of working like a dog … with dogs … in the Feb. 2012 issue of WDJ!

Living with Kids and Dogs

Working with Macaroni Kid Pasadena publisher, dog lover and mom to adorable twins, Joyce Sakonju, I put together some tips for managing kids and dogs together in a busy household.

Management Magic: Controlling the Chaos when Living with Kids and Dogs